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Legal advice for intellectual property matters

The legal and regulatory framework for the turnover of audiovisual production is different in every country and Russian legislation is no exception. The Russian Civil Code defines audiovisual production as “consisting of a fixed series of interconnected illustrations (with or without sound) and meant for visual and aural perception with the use of appropriate technical devices”.

Audiovisual works are, by definition, complex creations, composed of the contributions of several authors (director, scriptwriter, composer, etc.). Russian legislation pays special attention to the producer, i.e. the person(s) who organised the creation of the audiovisual work. In Russia, a producer has exclusive rights to an audiovisual work as a whole, but acquires exclusive rights to its constituent parts only on the basis of agreements with the authors.

The copyright structure of an audiovisual work may be further complicated by its translation. The translator has copyrights to the translation, which are protected regardless of the protection of the rights of the authors of the original work. Moreover, the translator and the customer are often located in different countries, which is why foreign legislation may be applicable to their relations.

The translation agency "Alba Multimedia" is ready to provide advice on Russian and international copyright laws. The company has qualified international lawyers with extensive experience in the legal regulation of translation and copyright.